New sport scooter introduced to market

The Auto Corp. announced the release of its new roofless, three-wheel tilting scooter, The Auto Moto Sport.

The Sport, which was launched in U.S. dealerships beginning in December, has the same 150cc drive train as the OEM’s classic version. The drive train distributes power evenly to both rear wheels through a three-piece cast aluminum rear end with built-in limited slip differential. The Sport version comes standard with a removable top case with built-in backrest, an alarm system and an FM radio with an MP3 connection.

The new model is geared toward younger riders looking for a more maneuverable ride.

“We’ve learned that the demographic for our enclosed scooter has primarily attracted riders 35 years and above,” Guy Cohen, vice president of operations at The Auto, said in a press release. “We’ve designed our new sport model to appeal to a younger generation of riders, and our initial testing has confirmed that they like it.”

The Auto Moto has been distributing the roofed version of its vehicle to U.S. dealers since 2008. The Sport was cleared for distribution in October.

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