MSF introduces ‘Dr. Jim’s Question of the Day’

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is encouraging motorcyclists to be more involved with safety by creating “Dr. Jim’s Question of the Day” on its Web site and Twitter page.

Dr. James Heideman, MSF’s director of licensing, will ask a multiple-choice question about motorcycle safety each day. Riders then pick what they think is the best response, and the site will tell them which is correct. Heideman then directs the user to the MSF’s Operator’s Manual for more details. The question will be posted on the MSF’s site, www.msf-usa.org, and on the organization’s Twitter site, http://twitter.com/msf__usa.

“Whether they just want to learn more or are preparing to get their motorcycle license endorsement, the question of the day will encourage riders of all skill levels to think critically about staying safe on a motorcycle,” Heideman said in a release. “The Web makes it possible to have the Q&A format, which will inform riders in an engaging way. It’s not just a passive lecture.”

Heideman has a doctorate in instructional technology and a master’s degree in vocational education. A rider for 42 years, he joined the MSF in 2006 and now directs and manages programs for licensing and certification.

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