New unit retail sales remain below 2009 levels

September followed a retail yearlong trend in declining new unit sales, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) reported.

Motorcycle, ATV and scooter sales remain below 2009 levels through September, as unit sales have decreased more than 18 percent compared to a year ago, according to the MIC report. This U.S. retail sales report does not include UTVs nor non-MIC manufacturers.

Year-to-date results through September, in comparison to a year-ago, include:
• On-highway bike sales are down approximately14 percent, with more than 265,000 units sold;
• ATV sales have dipped more than 23 percent, with more than 186,000 units retailed;
• Off-highway motorcycle sales have declined the most of any segment, down more than 21 percent;
• Scooter sales have dropped the least of any group, down nearly 11 percent;
• Dual-purpose motorcycle sales have fallen nearly 14 percent.
September sales were off slightly more than 15 percent, with on-highway bike sales faring better that month, down 11.5 percent.

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