Oct. 4, 2010 – KTM improves N. American market share

KTM’s North American sales fell in its first three quarters of its current fiscal year, but its market share continued to climb, the company said.
Overall, KTM achieved a net profit of $5.2 million, a significant improvement over a year ago when the company ended its quarter with a loss.
“Due to the focus on our core business and our efficient cost management, we managed to find the fastest track out of the crisis despite slightly lower sales,” Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM Power Sports, the parent company of KTM North America, said in a press release. “We have paved our way into a positive business year 2009.”
KTM’s worldwide vehicle sales totaled more than 43,000, a 7 percent drop from the year-ago period.
The company’s biggest market, North America, saw sales fall to 8,480 units, a decrease of 22 percent, the company reported. However, KTM continues to make market share gains, with its current share at 2.5 percent in its relevant markets.
KTM’s market share is greater in Europe, at 4.3 percent, the company said. KTM was able to keep that market share consistent despite the fact that the number of European registrations declined more than 14 percent.
Dealer inventories have improved compared to late May of last year. Dealer inventories have dropped 16 percent since that time, the company said. PSB

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