Aug. 9, 2010 – Tucker Rocky Digest

Tucker Rocky announces ties to American Chopper

DALLAS — Tucker Rocky Distributing has started a relationship with a former key player of Orange County Choppers and the popular TV series “American Chopper.”

Paul Teutul, Jr. appeared recently at Tucker Rocky’s Dealer Show and announced Tucker Rocky’s V-twin distributor, Biker’s Choice, will be playing a part in Teutul’s first motorcycle build for the continuing American Chopper TV series.

Teutul, Jr. is no longer working with his father or Orange County Choppers and has started his own company, Paul Jr. Designs.

Teutul, in a press conference at the Tucker Rocky dealer show, said he hopes to work with Biker’s Choice in the future to build parts and accessories for the distributor. More immediately, his first bike for the TV series will feature parts and accessories from Biker’s Choice.

The bike will be unveiled at Sturgis in August.

“This is an exciting new adventure for Biker’s Choice and we are proud to have Paul Jr. and his team join the Biker’s Choice crew,” Johnson said.

Paul Jr. Designs and American Chopper will begin airing Aug. 12 on TLC.

New UTV/ATV accessory supplier added to Tucker rocky lineup

DALLAS — Universal Parts Inc. (UPI), an Iowa company known for its automotive cooling products, is a recent addition to the Tucker Rocky Distributing ATV/UTV parts lineup.

The Humboldt, Iowa-based manufacturer appeared at the recent Tucker Rocky dealer show with its replacement cooling fans for ATVs and UTVs and cab heaters for UTVs.

Tony Peterson of UPI says the cooling fans increase a vehicle’s performance by 25 percent and are up to 30 percent less expensive than stock replacements.

The Iowa manufacturer has been primarily in the auto and heavy equipment markets. The company’s auto products include more than 500 aluminum race radiators and a number of performance cooling products.

Besides the ATV/UTV fans, the company also has a cab heater. The turnkey system is available specifically for Polaris’ RZR — it mounts to the UTV’s dash — or other side-by-sides as a universal model.


Strategic move pays off

DALLAS — Continental Tire’s efforts at becoming a player in the lower price point end of the market is paying off, says Greg Reich, the company’s sales/marketing manager.

Reich says the company dropped its price on its sport/sport touring radial, the Conti Motion, earlier this year and ended up selling its 12-month supply of that line in some four months time. The company has since had to order emergency shipments from overseas to keep up with demand.

Reich says the company first began mulling the addition of having a lower price point offering after receiving requests from distributor sales reps.

“We thought, ‘Well, we’ve been around for 100 years. We know how to build tires. If we can get into that market, we can really hit a home run,’” Reich said.

By the initial distributor sales, that appears to be the case.

“We knew it was going to happen (Conti Motion sales), but we didn’t know to what extent,” Reich said.

New biker’s choice supplier

DALLAS — Biker’s Choice is now offering Mustang Motorcycle Seats and the company’s metric offerings will in the future be available through Tucker Rocky Distributing.

Marilyn Simmons, Mustang’s marketing director, said, “Our relationship with Biker’s Choice actually goes back many years to when they distributed a small segment of our seats to fit Harley FL models. The current group has contacted us on a number of occasions and initiated talks regarding distribution of the Mustang line. This year we’ve decided to rekindle the relationship.”

While Biker’s Choice will stock Mustang’ seats and accessories for Harley-Davidson bikes, Tucker Rocky will start carrying Mustang’s line of metric cruiser seats in January, Simmons says.

Mustang offerings also will continue to be distributed by Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Mid-USA and, in Canada, Custom World.

New AMA members

Tucker Rocky Distributing President Steve Johnson says the national distributor asked its sales force to become bigger supporters of the industry by becoming members of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

“A high percentage of them already were” AMA members, Johnson noted.

But now the entire sales force is affiliated with AMA, which says it’s the world’s largest motorcycle rights organization. psb

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