Groups launch campaign against ethanol increase

Environment and industry groups have joined together to launch a campaign calling on Congress to require objective and thorough scientific testing before allowing the amount of ethanol in gasoline to be increased, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) stated in a press release.

The groups are collectively sponsoring an ad, running since July 22, with the tagline, “Say NO to untested E15” in order to bring attention to consumer safety and environmental protection, the release stated. Their efforts are focused on persuading Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reject proposals by some in the ethanol industry to allow the amount of ethanol in gasoline to increase by 50 percent.

Approximately 36 groups have signed a letter going out to leaders of the Senate urging opposition to any amendment to the impending energy bill that would authorize the sale of gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. The groups believe that more testing is necessary to determine how much ethanol is too much for various types of engines to use safely without risking engine failure, stated the release.

“The AMA supports the use of cleaner-burning fuels, but we are concerned that, if the allowable level of ethanol is raised, it could result in premature engine damage or failure while a bike is being ridden on a highway,” Imre Szauter, AMA government relations manager, stated in the release. “We are also concerned about any degradation in performance, fuel economy and rideability that may result from the long-term use of blended fuels with greater than 10 percent ethanol.”

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