Jul. 12, 2010 – High-profile names involved in new deal

Two aftermarket companies combine to produce a new oil products line Lucas Oil co-founder Forrest Lucas describes a new arrangement with another prominent aftermarket name as a distribution-plus agreement.

The CEO of Lucas Oil, in an interview with Powersports Business, was describing the extended partnership his company now has with Troy Lee Designs.

The two companies recently began offering a complete line of high-performance motorcycle products developed for the Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Honda Supercross and Motocross racing team.

Part of the extended agreement — beyond the already-intact racing partnership — calls for Troy Lee Designs to distribute the new Lucas Oil line that will include a variety of products. The other part of the agreement might be a bit of surprise.

Lucas said Lee, a virtual neighbor as both companies reside in Corona, Calif., approached the oil products company about distributing this new line.

“He said, ‘I think you could use some help on your packaging,’” Lucas said. “So I said, ‘Ok, fire away.’”

The resulting product line, which includes foam filter and transmission oil, chain lube, synthetic fork oil and high-performance oil, features some lively graphics.

“It’s a beautiful line of packaging,” Lucas said. “He (Lee) is a genius when it comes to packaging.”

The new line comes partially as a result of the existing racing relationship between the companies and elevates “our partnership to unprecedented levels,” Lucas Oil Products Executive Vice President Bob Patison said in a press release.

Forrest Lucas, who started the company in 1989 and has watched the brand grow in the motorcycle industry in recent years, said the racing partnership has been valuable to Lucas Oils.

“They are very good about giving us feedback on the products,” Lucas said of the Troy Lee racing team. “There’s nothing like having a good racing team you can throw stuff to try.”

Troy Lee, in a press release, said, “Our race team is out there in trenches every weekend and they know what they need oil to do on the racetrack.


“We took that information to Lucas and jointly developed an all new line of race-proven product that every motocrosser can use. To say that I’m excited about this would be an understatement.”

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