Rox Speed FX under new ownership

After the passing of Rocky Cutsforth, owner of Rox Speed FX, because of an ATV accident in late May, the company has taken on new ownership. Cutsforth’s cousin Chris Olin has accepted the role.

“Chris brings with him 25 years of experience in manufacturing and operations management,” said Lynn Cutsforth. “His experience in his previous work environments gives him a level of credibility that will allow him to step into a role that will be quite challenging, but he is up to the task and ready to move forward.

“We will honor and respect Rocky’s life by continuing to provide quality products, good customer service and new innovative products that will serve the industry well,” continued Lynn Cutsforth. “We look forward to working with you, and believe that we have a bright future ahead, thanks to the foundation that Rocky provided and the commitment and skills that Chris and the rest of the Rox team have.”

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