Recalls: BMW, MV Agusta

BMW North America has recalled about 15,500 motorcycles because of faulty brake-line routing, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

BMW is recalling certain MY 2007-’09 R 1200 and k 1200 series motorcycles manufactured Aug. 2006-May ‘09. Due to the current routing of the front brake lines, it’s possible that during riding, and therefore associated vibration, the brake lines could be under strain. If the vibration/strain is significant, the brake line could split and start to develop a leak. If this goes unnoticed and the brake fluid reservoir runs empty, the front brakes could fail, increasing the risk of a crash, reported the NHTSA.

The company is also recalling MY 2005-’07 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, reported the NHTSA. The bikes were manufactured from Dec. 7, 2005-Sept. 26, 2007. The fuel tank front attachment bolts can work loose allowing the bolts to come in contact with the fork leg if the handlebar is turned a significant amount. The NHTSA says this could limit the travel range of the handlebars, which could affect handling and maneuverability.

Another recall reported was MV Agusta’s MY 2010 F4. There are only about 60 models potentially affected. The bikes were manufactured from Feb. 10-April 19.

These models are equipped with an air filter frame, which may lift out of position allowing intake air to bypass the filter. If this occurs, debris may enter the throttle body assembly and interfere with proper throttle operation increasing the risk of a crash, states the NHTSA.

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