May 3, 2010: PWC Digest

Yamaha launches sales promotion
Yamaha has launched the “Perfect Choice” sales event, offering choices of zero down/low interest offers, three years warranty coverage or $1,000 of free parts and accessories on new Yamaha boats.
The event, which covers all sport boat models with the lone exception of the 2010 242 Limited S, applies to purchases made on a Yamaha Installment Financing loan between April 1 and June 3. There’s the typical small print, but the notable points for the financing are $0 down and a fixed APR of either 7.99%, 16.99%, or 17.99% depending on credit approval criteria.

Tips On Going Green
Discover Boating, a national awareness campaign funded by the North American recreational boating industry, recently revealed ways for all of us to become more “eco-friendly” boaters.
Here are some of the tips:
?Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Cleaning products that have minimal environmental impact, and are actually safer for you to use, carry an EPA-certified “Design for the Environment” (DfE) label. You can find a list of eco-friendly products at www.greenseal.org.
?Maintain your equipment. If your engine, boat, and prop all work together well, you’’l save fuel and minimize emissions.
?Recycle properly. Boating has lots of nasty stuff — paints, batteries, antifreeze, cleaning products, oil. Dispose of it properly at a waste collection facility. Some marine accessories stores offer a $10 credit on a new battery when you return your used one.
?Reduce fuel consumption. Reducing cruising speeds, trimming your boat properly, keeping the engine in tune, the hull clean, and even cutting down on the distance of your trips are all ways to reduce your fuel usage.
?Don’t spill fuel. Here’s a common one. Avoid “topping off” your tank.

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