Suzuki continues program that links urban riders to Hayabusa

Suzuki has capitalized on one of its sport bikes’ popularity among a large base of young urban enthusiasts with a unique, worldwide marketing campaign.
“BusaBeats” was launched in 2008 to promote the company’s Hayabusa and integrated music, art, video and a variety of digital media with an approach that put entertainment above a typical corporate advertising agenda.

This grassroots promotion tapped into the lifestyle and culture spawned as a result of the Hayabusa. The BusaBeats Web site, at www.BusaBeats.com, was a key component of the promotion, and last year the potential to win a new custom Hayabusa motorcycle attracted even more musical talent by way of a contest called the Busa Beats MC Battle.

Suzuki recently launched the 2010 BusaBeats campaign at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in New York. Suzuki partnered with Nick Anglada Originals to unveil this year’s customized Grand Prize Hayabusa to an audience during media day.

The MC Battle is a contest for hip-hop artists and rappers to write songs about the Hayabusa and compete online. It unites celebrity producers with MCs from around the world to create custom BusaBeats tracks.

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