Custom Chrome dealer show returns

National V-twin distributor Custom Chrome marked its 40th anniversary by doing something it had done in the past — a dealer show.

The California-based distributor brought together an international group of vendors and dealers in mid-March for the show, which was held at Hayes Mansion in San Jose, Calif.

Custom Chrome CEO Holger Mohr, in a press release, said, “I have been asked many times when we were going to bring back the dealer show and quite frankly, we were not going to do that until we could do it right. We are now in a position to do the show the way it should be done.”

The event included an exhibit that showed artifacts of the company’s history, including separate timeline walls that were covered in catalog covers, calendars, print ads, photos and more.

Guests also took tours of the company’s headquarters in nearby Morgan Hill.

“We really couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout, the amount of business written this weekend and the positive dealer feedback from the weekend,” Steve Veltri, Custom Chrome’s vice president of sales and marketing, said in the press release.

Veltri also said the company plans on returning the dealer show to an annual event.

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