March 8, 2010: After-hours service

It was a customer service tactic that Rick Keelin was initially told to shy away from. A good idea perhaps, he was told, but do you really want the hassle?

Turns out, he did.

Keelin credits his store’s policy of providing consumers a way to reach them after hours as one of the big reasons why his dealership’s CSI score is nearly perfect.

“A lot of people told me that was a mistake and that I would be inundated with phone calls after hours,” he said of the policy he has had in effect for a few years now. “But really, that hasn’t happened. It’s just a real nice thing where if someone does have an issue, they can just reach out and touch me.

“I’ve been on the road with a motorcycle broken down, and it’s the loneliest place in the world.”

If Ashland Cycle Center consumers are in the same position, they can call the store after hours and be forwarded to Keelin’s cell phone. He then works with his service department staff to ensure service is done in a timely manner for the stranded customer. “We have enough mechanics that most of them are willing to step up when something like that takes place and make something happen,” he said.

Other than the after-hour availability, Keelin believes the near-perfect CSI is tied to his dealership’s attention to detail.

“I’m a real nut about micro managing,” he said. “I try to stay on top of everything. If the customer does have an issue then they can talk to me personally about it. It’s not like they have to wade through a layer of management to get to me. So that’s important.”

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