Polaris continues employee profit-sharing program

Polaris Industries Inc. is continuing its annual tradition of profit sharing with its employees, the company announced.

The company today will distribute nearly $10 million of its profits from the 2009 calendar year among its approximately 2,200 hourly and non-salaried employees. On average, each of these employees will receive nearly 15 percent of their annual pay base. In addition, Polaris will distribute profit-sharing payments to each of its full-time salaried employees as well.

“Profit-sharing is something that is very important and fundamental to the culture at Polaris, especially as we continue to outperform the industry,” Polaris CEO Scott Wine said in the press release. “We understand that Polaris’ success is built on a foundation of dedication, innovation and hard work from our employees. To acknowledge and reward that extra effort is something we are proud to continue.”

Polaris began sharing its profits with employees in 1982. Since its inception, Polaris’ profit-sharing program has shared cumulatively more than $200 million with its employees.

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