Aprilia USA announces pending RSV4 recall

Aprilia Italy will recall a limited number of RSV4 motorcycles for engine replacement. The recall impacts all RSV4 motorcycles delivered within the U.S. market to date, according to a press release issued by Aprilia USA.

The company says one component in a small group of engines assembled during a specific time period failed to meet factory quality standards, resulting in a risk of future engine failures.

To date, there have been no warranty claims related to this potential issue in the U.S. market, Aprilia USA noted.

Aprilia dealers were notified of the pending recall Jan. 21. Replacement engines for all units affected are in transit to the U.S. market, and owners are in the process of being contacted. Aprilia USA is expecting to complete the engine replacement on consumer RSV4 motorcycles by the end of February.

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