Jan. 18, 2010 – A preview of upcoming F&I training

Dealerships will be offered F&I?training opportunities in both the first and second quarters of 2010. Here’s a look at some of the options dealers have in F&I?training:

Galt Enterprises

The session, scheduled for March 9-11 at Cleveland, begins with the viewing of actual F&I closings and the discussion of the good and bad about each one. The training also delves into the integration with the sales department. The class also mystery shop stores during the session and discovers how various stores handle the payment questions and what they do to generate store traffic. The session also explores a menu system and teaches its participants how to handle objections. Cost is $350 and includes lunch and materials. For more information on this training done by Peter Jones of Galt Enterprises, e-mail pjones@galtenterprises.com or call 904/742-3080.

Assurant Solutions

Assurant will be offering F&I training in the second quarter. Like in the past, the training will be held over three-four days and will focus on menu sales process, compliance and objection handling. Unlike the past, the course also will include training for the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP) compliance. Testing for AFIP also will be provided. Dates of the training or the cost of the training have yet to be announced. For more info, contact kent.meadows@assurant.com.

McGraw Powersport Group

They will be holding Audio and Web Ex classes on “Maximizing your F&I?bottom line and become a stronger closer” in the month of February. Those classes will be held Feb. 2, 9-11 a.m. PST; Feb. 8, 9-11 a.m. PST; and Feb. 24, 9-11 a.m. PST. To join these classes, register via e-mail at WSC@McGrawgroup.com These classes are free to all dealers.

Kelly Enterprises

Kelly Enterprises, which provides F&I training for the powersports industry, has online seminars scheduled. Some of those include “Lending and what you need to know” and “Monitoring F&I and compliance.” Dealers must register for either event by Jan. 25. Cost is $275 per person for the online seminars. For more information, go to www.jlkelly.com. psb

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