Dec. 28, 2009 – Big Dog to examine number of ownership change options

The owner of Big Dog Motorcycles has hired an investment banking firm to assist in evaluating a possible merger, strategic partnership, investment in or sale of the company or its assets, a press release stated.
The company also said Big Dog and its shareholders will consider selling additional equity to add capital, other financing options or a recapitalization of the company. Big Dog is working with the banking firm of William Blair & Co on this endeavor.
Sheldon Coleman, the founder and principal shareholder of Big Dog Motorcycles, explained that “Big Dog has been a consuming passion of mine for over 15 years. With over 25,000 bikes on the road, the company and its employees, dealers and suppliers have succeeded in building a business that started in my garage into the dominant motorcycle manufacturer in the premium, high-performance sector of the motorcycle market.”
Coleman said Big Dog will continue to sell and develop motorcycles as well as service its dealers and consumers for warranty, additional parts, accessories and apparel.
“Given the unprecedented, difficult market conditions, I strongly believe that Big Dog needs to add other equity partners or transition to new ownership to continue to develop and build Big Dog’s innovative products and capitalize on the rebounding economy,”?Coleman said. “I am excited to continue leading Big Dog during this transition and, hopefully, will be part of the team taking Big Dog to the next phase of its growth.”
In the meantime, Coleman said Big Dog continues to invest in its long-term strategies, including international distribution as well as building new models.
“Our dominant market share in our niche will propel the company’s success as the economy recovers, and I am looking forward to finding a capital source that will share Big Dog Motorcycle’s vision of a vibrant future,”?Coleman said.
Recently, the company has expanded distribution into Canada, as well as introduced several new models. That includes the Wolf, which has received accolades from consumers and the industry as an innovative premium cruiser motorcycle.
Big Dog also has a redesigned Coyote, which blends cutting-edge styling with an approachable design.
Big Dog said direct investment inquiries should be e-mailed to investment@bdm.com or via phone at 800/539-5729. William Blair and Co. will respond to investment inquiries. psb

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