Company offers 50,000-mile brake pad warranty

RayGun Technology has announced a 50,000-mile unlimited warranty on its brake pads when used in conjunction with the company’s brake rotors.

RayGun rotors are available to fit a variety of Harley-Davidson models from 2000-2009.

The company said feedback from an independent testing lab during development indicated that RayGun’s pad and rotor combination had the potential of a long service life. The company then conducted its own testing and that, coupled with their customers’ experience, has given RayGun the confidence to offer the warranty, the company said in a press release.

“In these times of economic distress, we are now able to give the customer additional value by providing a braking system that significantly reduces the necessity for brake system maintenance and costs for many riders to just about zero over the time they own their machine,” said Nathan Meckel, the company’s president and chief technology officer.

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