Polaris expands new dealer distribution system

Polaris Industries has expanded its new dealer distribution system to more of its network and plans to further extend the program next year, company officials said.

About half of Polaris’ North American retail volume is now working through the manufacturer’s new distribution system, called the Max Velocity Program (MVP), which gives dealers the option of ordering new units every two weeks rather than twice a year, the previous system.

“While we and our dealers continue to learn and improve this new business process, we are growing increasingly confident in our ability to execute this model successfully and that it will lead to competitive advantage for Polaris and our dealers in the long term,” Polaris Industries President Bennett Morgan said in the company’s recent earnings report.

Morgan said Polaris could extend this program to 70-80 percent of the company’s North American dealer volume next year.

Morgan said the company has seen inventory lower in dealers that are participating in the MVP program vs. those that are not.

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