Oct. 5, 2009 – Scorpion, founder part ways

Scorpion Sports Inc. and founder Eric Anderson have parted ways, according to a release from the company. As of Sept. 1, Anderson is no longer vice president of marketing for the five-year-old helmet manufacturer.
“We are all very proud of the job that has been done to create the brand from scratch and to become one of the top helmet and apparel brands in North America,” Scorpion President Rick Miller said in the release. “However we ultimately reached a point where we no longer have the same goals and objectives.”
Scorpion said the decision to terminate Anderson was difficult, but was brought on by a radically changing marketplace.
“We certainly appreciate all that Eric has done for Scorpion, but the basic business paradigm has shifted,” Miller said. “We owe it to our partners at Kido Sports to continue to expand the Scorpion brand into the powersports market.”
For his part, Anderson described himself in the press release as a “free agent” now.
David Alari, who became the company’s national sales manager last May, is also no longer affiliated with Scorpion.

S&S Cycle, Dynojet research form partnership
V-Twin component manufacturer S&S Cycle has formed a new partnership with Las Vegas-based Dynojet Research, a manufacturer of dynamometers and fuel system tuning products, according to a release from S&S Cycle.
“Today’s high-performance customer is much more tech-savvy,” S&S Cycle said in the release. “They do their homework, they know what they want and they realize that even the finest high-performance components will not perform to their full potential without proper tuning. S&S can make sure that customers receive the best performance products possible, and Dynojet can make sure they are getting the performance they paid for.”
S&S Cycle has named Dynojet the official chassis dynamometer of S&S Cycle, and now recommends the company’s Power Commander tuning products for applications not covered by S&S Variable Fuel Injection products.
In addition, S&S will develop Power Commander maps for S&S performance products and post them on the S&S Web site.
Finally, all future dyno testing for S&S promotional use will be performed on a Dynojet chassis dynamometer.

AXO has added Yamaha Motor Corp. as a unique distribution partner for the United States, the company said in a press release.
Yamaha Parts and Accessory division will now carry select AXO America products through its extensive dealer network.
AXO America still will continue the dealer direct distribution it started at the end of 2003.
Yamaha will begin to distribute AXO’s brand of products starting this fall with the collection of gear, boots and accessories represented in the 2010 Yamaha Parts and Accessories Catalog. The two companies have multiple warehouse locations ensuring the ease of ordering and shipping anywhere in the United States.
Yamaha will carry select AXO branded apparel, boots, protection as well as a wide range of accessories. Both off-road and street/touring products will be included in the catalog.
“Since the end of 2003, we have been servicing our dealers directly and the addition of a partner such as Yamaha is going to add more value to our distribution chain, giving us the opportunity of reaching out more quality dealers throughout the States,” stated Nicola Serragiotto, vice president of sales at AXO. “The partnership with Yamaha was for us a logical move after the successful one we have been building with their sister company in Australia. AXO hopes to build a long-lasting partnership between Yamaha dealers in the U.S. and AXO exclusively.”

Schuberth, Cardo announce helmet collaboration
German helmet maker Schuberth GmbH and Cardo Systems, which produces Bluetooth devices for motorcycle helmets, have agreed to work together on a new product for Schuberth C3, C2 and Concept motorcycle flip-up helmets, according to a release from the companies.
The agreement calls for Cardo to design and manufacture a new communication and entertainment system.
The new system will provide connectivity with mobile phones, bike-to-bike intercom with up to three riders and wireless receipt of stereo music from compatible MP3 players. Other details of the product, including its name, are yet to be released.
Executives described the new system as “a radically new approach in retrofitting communication systems to motorcycle helmets, blurring the line between built-in headsets and aftermarket solutions.”

Court rules in case over product comparison ads
A judge in Florida recently granted a preliminary injunction against ValvTect Petroleum that prevents the further publishing of Star brite comparison ads that were deemed misleading, according to court documents.
Star brite requested the preliminary injunction as part of a false advertising case against ValvTect filed in June.
The action is only a preliminary step in the case, which is set to be heard in March 2010.
The judge concluded that while not literally false, claims in the ads were misleading.
The court allowed ads that were placed before the injunction to remain in circulation, but directed ValvTect to prevent further publishing of the ads in any form of media.
“We appreciate the strength and clarity of the court’s findings against the false and misleading advertising by ValvTect,” said Star brite CEO Peter Dornau. “This type of false advertising not only hurts Star brite but the entire marine industry by confusing customers about the truth and fiction of ethanol fuel additives.”
Jerry Nessenson, president of ValvTect, said he was pleased that no claims were found to be false. “We are pleased that the court did not find any of our advertising claims to be false and no retraction was ordered, nor did the court order prevent ValvTect from placing future ads comparing the performance of ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment and StarTron,” Nessenson said.

Willie & Max adds new style additions to Revolution line
Revolution’s Series three new styles of saddlebags feature a wide range of contemporary, fresh and edgy allure with the recent addition of the Grommetted, the Swooped and the Studded designs.
All are available in either hard mount or throwover styles. The exclusive hard mount system fits most cruisers on the market — a big plus for riders.
Revolution’s hard mount system has been incorporated into the saddlebag, so riders don’t have to purchase and install separate hardware. The hard mount bags feature injection-molded backs contoured to fit the mounting system, and adjustable brackets and hardware.
Revolution’s throwover style bags have reinforced backs to provide stability, as well as reinforced yokes for secure universal mounting above or below the seat. Zip-off yokes and carry handles make removal and transporting a breeze. MSRP for the new Revolution Series bags starts at $179.99 for the throwover versions and up to $319.99 for the hard mount versions. For more information, see www.willieandmax.com.

Partsforscooters.com adds scooter trunk supplier
Partsforscooters.com has partnered with Coocase and Twisted Throttle to distribute quality scooter trunks.
The Coocase Trunk, which holds a full-face helmet, is removable and allows you to detach the trunk with a press of a button. This leaves the mounting plate attached to your scooter, conveniently allowing you to carry the trunk anywhere. After dismounting, the trunk has a convenient built-in carrying handle.
Contact support@partsforscooters.com or call 866/478-8700 for additional information.

Technical Institute, Spectro form partnership
Mitchell Technical Institute’s Power Sports Technology program has partnered with Spectro Performance Oils to allow students in their program to use Spectro’s line of products to service and maintain a variety of vehicles, according to a Spectro press release.
“It is our duty to educate the future members of the automotive and motorcycling industry about our products,” Spectro Oils president David Miller said in the release.

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