50 Below offers new, popular online payment option

Web site and e-commerce provider 50 Below is now providing PayPal as an additional payment method option for its clients’ online stores.

PayPal manages more than 184 million accounts, with more than 75 million active. Alternative payment options, like PayPal, are popular, with an estimated 75 percent of online shoppers reporting to have used such payment services, according to a 50 Below press release.

For dealers who use eBay as an option for moving new, used or dated merchandise, 50 Below said the addition of PayPal will be particularly valuable to their potential customers.  

All 50 Below dealers, both those in the United States and Canada, receive the option free if they have a PayPal account. 50 Below said its consultants can work with dealers to answer any questions and will be available as a guide for dealers to setting up such an account.

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