S&S Cycle, Dynojet team up

V-Twin component manufacturer S&S Cycle has formed a new partnership with Las Vegas-based Dynojet Research, a manufacturer of dynamometers and fuel system tuning products, according to a release from S&S Cycle.

“Today’s high performance customer is much more tech-savvy,” S&S Cycle said in the release. “They do their homework, they know what they want and they realize that even the finest high performance components will not perform to their full potential without proper tuning. S&S can make sure that customers receive the best performance products possible, and Dynojet can make sure they are getting the performance they paid for.”

S&S Cycle has named Dynojet the official chassis dynamometer of S&S cycle, and now recommends the company’s Power Commander tuning products for applications not covered by S&S Variable Fuel Injection products.

In addition, S&S will develop Power Commander maps for S&S performance products and post them on the S&S Web site.

Finally, all future dyno testing for S&S promotional use will be performed on a Dynojet chassis dynamometer. Dynojet will provide equipment and training for S&S technical staff to ensure that S&S is able to provide technical support for S&S customers using Dynojet and Power Commander products.

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