An additional preowned inventory option for dealers

Dealers looking to add to their preowned inventory could consider the nation’s largest motorcycle rental company as a potential source for specific bike brands.

EagleRider is offering wholesale prices to dealers for their aged inventory of Harley-Davidsons, Honda, BMW and other select motorcycle brands. Recently the rental company had a wholesale inventory of 1,500 motorcycles, says David Goff, EagleRider’s marketing manager.

Unlike auctions, EagleRider does not have a planned sales schedule. Dealers are free to access the rental company’s Web site anytime for information on EagleRider’s current wholesale inventory. The company also can e-mail or fax its inventory of bikes to dealers.

To get more information on EagleRider’s wholesale program, contact John Lemke with EagleRider at 310/643-5254.

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