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Polaris launches new on-road product

Polaris Industries’ first on-road venture outside of its Victory Motorcycles business will be in a niche part of the electric vehicle market with a new, small dealer network, the company said today.

Polaris announced a four-wheel vehicle designed for master-planned communities. The vehicle, which possesses an entirely electric operating system and seats up to four passengers, is targeted for a market that yields about 35,000 retail sales per year, Polaris Industries CEO Scott Wine said in the company’s earnings conference call this morning.

The vehicle, called the Breeze, will be sold by a “small sample of dealers” outside of Polaris’ traditional dealer network, Wine said. This new set of dealers has access to what Wine described as a “small but growing market.”

Wine said Polaris sees the Breeze “as a start in the low-emission space that we fully expect to evolve into a growth business for Polaris.”

For more on Polaris’ new on-road venture, see an upcoming edition of Powersports Business.

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