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Jul. 13, 2009 – Result of a new partnership

A new apparel line created for the cruiser rider is the result of a recently announced partnership between two aftermarket companies.
National distributor Helmet House and the maker of Fieldsheer apparel spent more than a year and a half creating and designing “Pokerun,” the cruiser apparel line for men and women. The line, scheduled to appear in dealerships in July, features more than 16 jacket styles along with pants, chaps, vests and gloves.
It is one of at least two projects that have occurred as a result of the partnership between Helmet House and Ansai Sportswear Co., an employer of more than 2,500 people. The designer and developer of motorcycle and sports apparel, luggage and related items is located in Hangzhou City, China.
“With the partnership, we have a whole lot more resources as far as exploring technologies, fabric technologies and armor technologies and stuff like that,” said Richard Kimes, Helmet House’s director of marketing. “So it’s an exciting time.”
Along with launching Pokerun, the two companies also have made changes to the Fieldsheer line, giving it a more aggressive look and thus making it more attractive to the sport bike rider.

Large market
The Pokerun line, meanwhile, targets the large Harley-Davidson market.
“As things have become more and more competitive, we’ve had to really create garments for very specific segments,” Kimes said. “Really take the styling cues and the very distinct needs of the cruiser audience in a much more targeted way.”
The new line features both leather and textile jackets, leather chaps and vests as well as a broad line of leather and textile gloves.
“It’s got the kind of armor they’re looking for,” Kimes said of the lineup’s jackets. “You’ll see jackets with hoods on them, which is becoming really popular.”
In a press release, Helmet House President Bob Miller hinted that the Pokerun apparel might not be the last new line to come about as a result of the partnership with Ansai Sportswear. “Our leadership expertise with the Tour Master and Cortech line as well as Ansai’s recent success in stewarding the Fieldsheer line back to health have given us the tools and insight to continue our aggressive growth plans for both companies as well as our dealer customers,” he said.
— Neil Pascale

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