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Apr. 6, 2009 – PWC Digest

California renews popular online boating class

The California Department of Boating and Waterways recently announced it has renewed its approval of PWCsafetyschool.com as an approved boating safety course for California. The free online course is now in its seventh year and is approved in 23 states.
To receive the approval, courses must meet a set of detailed national standards established by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, as well as the California standards established by the California Department of Boating and Waterways.
Dealers can direct watercraft buyers to the free course at www.PWCsafetyschool.com. What makes the course unique for the market is that it is focused not on general boating, but specifically on the PWC user.
Those who take the course in one of the 23 approved states and pass the exam meet both state and national requirements. For seven years, the course has been supported by Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

RIVA Set To Unveil 310HP Kit For Yamaha 1.8 Engine

RIVA Racing will soon introduce a kit for Yamaha’s 1.8-liter engine, found in the FX SHO, FZR and FZS, that will reportedly push the engine to 310 hp.
Like most RIVA kits, the parts are paired to work in conjunction, and include a new Powerfilter air intake system, a high-output supercharger impeller that promises to double the stock boost to nearly 15 pounds at 8000rpm, and an all-new Pro-Series ECU to take control of the engine. Other parts in the kit are an intake manifold upgrade, Pro-Series fuel injectors and massive new intercooler. Select pump and handling components also will reportedly be added by the time the package is ready for sale. According to RIVA head Dave Bamdas, the package can be put on by the customer at home in about three hours.
For more information on the RIVA?kit, contact RIVA Racing at www.rivaracing.com. PSB

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