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ORBA plans to monitor proposed California smog-check bill

The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) says it is unclear how a proposed biennial California smog-check bill might affect dual sport bikes, but the group plans to monitor progress of the legislation closely.

California Sen. Fran Pavley introduced a bill on Feb. 26 that would require all on-road motorcycles model year 2000 and newer to get a biennial smog check. Still in its early stages, the bill has been assigned to the committee on Transportation and Housing and may be acted upon in the coming weeks.

"ORBA understands the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also believes that it can be done in a manner that does not harm our industry — an industry that has been particularly hard hit by the condition of the economy and the recent federal ban on youth ATV and motorcycle sales," ORBA said in a release.

California's emission laws often serve as a model for other states.

ORBA says it will try to work with Pavley as the bill is being crafted.

"We are optimistic," the group said in its release, "that we can work with Sen. Pavley to fashion a constructive piece of legislation."

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