Organization formed to promote safe, responsible use of UTVs

The Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) program has been formed by manufacturers and distributors to promote safe and responsible use of recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs).

According to the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, the ROHVA received ANSI accreditation Nov. 3 to develop a standard for the equipment, configuration and performance requirements of ROVs. The program also published a list of safety rules for the vehicles as well as the document “Model State ROV Legislation,” which is available for use by state OHV associations, land managers, agencies and lawmakers.

ROHVA will serve as the primary resource for information on ROVs. To coincide with its ANSI accreditation the association has launched a Web site, www.rohva.org. Further specific ROV educational materials are currently under development and will be posted to the site.

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