Kolpin offers online training program

Kolpin has teamed with the online retail training company, 3point5.com, to provide retailers current and useful training along with a streamlined way to order product.

The new training tool is a fast-paced, interactive program that gets discounted gear in the hands of sales associates while also keeping retailers informed by providing them with the means to easily implement and control employee training.

The training program focuses on the Kolpin brand, innovations and products, and is designed to improve the quality of conversations on the sales floor and in the field. In exchange for completing the program, retail sales associated are eligible to earn discounts on the products they sell.

“The objective of maintaining adequate product and brand training to literally thousands of retail sales associates has been one of our most daunting tasks,” said Tom Lutes, President/CEO of Kolpin Outdoors Inc. in a press release. “We are extremely excited to be able to offer this new tool to our retail partners, and are convinced it will provide a key competitive advantage to those that embrace it.”

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