Riders University to offer rider-training scholarships

Riders University, a southern California based nonprofit organization, announced it will give scholarships for free motorcycle training to requesting individuals, according to a press release.

The University plans to give scholarships to first-time purchasers of high-powered motorcycles with little or no formal rider training. The scholarship will give them formal training through organizations like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at no additional cost.

Riders University says although proven methods for training riders exist, they often go unrecognized, or they aren’t financially accessible to riders. The University aims to make the training resources available to those who need them most.

Brittany Burkhartsmeier, Riders University’s public relations coordinator, says the high cost of purchasing a motorcycle forces riders to push training off to the side.

“We see Riders [University] as a bridge of needed dollars from the riders to the available training courses,” she said.

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