Polaris defense delivers new military ATVs

Polaris Industries completed first production and received orders from the U.S. Department of Defense for its newest military vehicle, the MV800 4x4 ATV, according to a company press release.

The MV800 is the first military machine by Polaris to feature a Patriot Engine with Electronic Direct Fuel Injection. It has a 760cc, 40 horsepower spark ignition engine, which is powered by JP8, the U.S. military’s standard fuel.

Mark McCormick, managing director of Polaris Defense, says U.S. troops need top-of-the-line equipment because of the harsh conditions in which they can serve.

“We are committed to providing them with vehicles that can make their job easier and increase their mission effectiveness,” McCormick said in the release. “The MV800 is built to do just that."

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