September 24, 2007 – Snowmobile Report

Polaris Unveils Non-Current Inventory Programs
Polaris Industries will offer non-current inventory reduction sales programs this fall, similar to those initiated in 2007.
“We’ve driven down our non-current inventory more than 50 percent in some areas,” Cassey Murphy, snowmobile marketing manager, said of non-current sales in the past year.
A large part of the Polaris plan is to cull potential buyers at fall shows and drive them to dealerships. A Spin-And-Win game will give consumers up to $2,000 off a non-current sled, the Own The Ride campaign will give rebates on non-currents, and the Friends and Family campaign will give a $100 bonus to current owners who make a referral that results in a sale.
“There will be a stronger [marketing] effort early on with the fall shows, a lot of radio advertising and strong rebates on non-currents,” Murphy said.
Polaris will have a corporate-backed show presence at 10 U.S. shows and eight Canadian shows. Murphy said the company also will continue its weather-based advertising, targeting geographic areas when there’s snowfall. In addition, Polaris will market a new campaign in all state snowmobile publications. For every four-stroke snowmobile the company sells, a percentage will go to the buyer’s state association.
Race Sleds Revealed
Two manufacturers pulled the covers off their 2008 race snowmobiles. Both machines had one major change: the engines.
Snocross racing rules changed in the Pro Stock class, increasing the maximum engine output from 440cc to 600cc. Ski-Doo’s snocross race sled is the MX ZX 600 RS, which stands for “Racing Special.” The engine is based on the Rotax 600 H.O., but with a revised cylinder and head, V-Force reed valves, Mikuni TMX-38 carbs with powerjets and a tuned pipe. There is no oil injection. The sled, with its estimated
128 hp, shares the same chassis and hardware as the consumer MX Z 600 H.O., with the exception of an extra tunnel bracket, special shocks and a thicker drive axel. Hillclimbers will have a special REV-XP Summit.
The Polaris snocross-specific snowmobile has an all-new Liberty 600 engine and is not a derivation of the Liberty 600 H.O. or a ported 440. Polaris snowmobile product manager Michael Erickson was coy as to horsepower numbers, but said it fell within the rule’s spec. Other changes to the machine include a redesigned cooling system with a new flow pattern, and EZ Steer steering system for less steering effort and durability changes.
The Arctic Cat race snowmobile will be released at its race school in November; expect to see a new chassis. Yamaha will run a race version of its FXNytro. psb

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