September 3, 2007 – Snowmobile Report

Vintage Snowmobile Book Published
New in the snowmobile literature market is “Vintage Snowmobiles” by Jon Bertolino. The book features 260 photos of snowmobiles dating between 1968-1982.
The book is primarily photo-based, with descriptions of each vehicle shown. It also has sections that feature the 10 major brands of the day, as well as 40 pages of more unusual machines such as Dauphin, the Hellstar and the Sno-Shoo.
Special sections of the book address issues such as pull-behinds, vintage race sleds and how to shop for vintage iron.
The books sell for $35 at Bertolino has also authored two other snowmobiling books, “Vintage Snowmobilia” and the “Yamaha Snowmobile 40th Anniversary.”
FXR Recalls Gloves
FXR announced a recall in July of its 2007 Nitro SX race gloves because of a manufacturing defect. Material on the gloves, particularly in the area located between the fingers, has been prone to shredding.
Dealers currently selling FXR gloves are being asked to offer a refund or a replacement to consumers. Replacements will be available from the new fall stock. Consumers who bought direct from FXR are asked to call the company for either a refund, credit or replacement.
For more information regarding the recall, contact FXR at 800/397-9327 or visit
Small Reroute, Large Project
A coalition of Michigan agencies and entities have combined to re-route a confusing, and potentially dangerous, stretch of trail in Gaylord, Mich.
The high-traffic trail No. 7 crossed a Lake State Railway track in two different locations to avoid a hazard that was located next to the tracks.
At the request of the railway, the Gaylord Area Snowmobile Trails Council worked in conjunction with the railway and the Michigan departments of Transportation and Natural Resources to place a culvert, fill a sink hole and also eliminate the treacherous crossing.
The re-route came with a hefty price tag of $42,000 and was funded by annual trail pass fees. In all, it affected about 300 feet of trail, said Jerry Beattie, chair of the Gaylord Area Snowmobile Trails Council. But it will be well worth it come snowmobile season, he said.
“(This project) eliminates the mass confusion of where to go,” he said, adding that the zig-zag has always been difficult to indicate on the trail map. Another benefit is that the project also includes eliminating another crossing that’s located farther down the trail. psb

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