September 3, 2007 – Product Showcase

PartsManager Pro
Company: Snap-on Business Solutions
Contact: 330/659-1947;
PartsManager Pro provides electronic accessories data from the leading powersports OEMs and aftermarket distributors. Currently, accessory catalogs are offered for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Fox Racing, Tucker Rocky and Helmet House. SBS will migrate to the new generation PartsManager Pro in 2007, replacing the FicheFinder parts catalog. Dealers will have the luxury of viewing both parts and accessories from a single platform.
Company: McGraw Insurance Services
Contact: 800/303-5000;
The McGraw Group along with its affiliates, Pacific Specialty Insurance Co. and Western Service Contract Corp., has expanded its writing in all 50 states. It has added GAP for the California market and is looking into other states. It has also expanded its staff to support the request of many new powersports dealers for its Western Service Contract product due to its most competitive pricing.
PowerPro DMS
Company: SoftCom Technologies Inc.
Contact: 800/716-5211;
PowerPro is a modern, flexible and affordable dealer management system designed specifically for the powersports industry. The installation isn’t complicated and can be up and running in a few minutes. It gives dealers the options to processes sales, add customers, create repair orders and print professional looking invoices. PowerPro is modular so dealers can purchase only the features they need. Dealers can start with basic sales and inventory control and add repair orders, accounting and other modules as necessary. Dealers can download a free one-hour demo at
PPP Programs
Company: Pinnacle Protection Plans
Contact: 888/999-6860;
Pinnacle Protections Plans has introduced the following new programs this year at no cost to the dealer: A no-charge back program; and a profit sharing program; and complete re-insurance programs. Contact Pinnacle Protection Plans for more information.
Powersports Program
Company: United States Warranty Corporation
Contact: 800/233-9878;
Highlights of the new powersports program include competitive rates, exclusionary and listed component coverage, longer terms, zero deductible option and increased customer benefits. Coverage for trike conversions, certain Asian brands, personal jet boats and commercial usage is now available.
RPM Retail Financing
Company: Blue Ridge Global
Contact: 828/252-5225;
Blue Ridge Global has added a new line of dirt bikes to its RPM Retail Financing “Guaranteed Financing” program. The XMOTOS brand dirt bikes are exceptional quality with modern styling. A new line of go-karts from Marshin Power also will be added for the fall selling season.
I.Q. System
Company: RpmOne Inc.
Contact: 561/741-4447;
The new I.Q. System from RpmOne is designed to enhance the F&I process for dealers in the powersports industry. The Web-based system revolutionizes the F&I process by automating back-end product sales and administration. It standardizes the F&I process and promotes compliance by providing dealers with a single, easy-to-use online interface that presents users with a comprehensive menu of all available F&I products, coverage options and pricing based upon the vehicle type selected.
It’s accessible from any Web-enabled device and doesn’t require any upfront capital investment in hardware or software. The system has undergone beta testing with a sampling of customers to ensure usability and is already available free to all RpmOne customers. psb

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