U.S. Army awards Polaris ATV contract

Polaris Industries Inc. and U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command have signed a three-year contract, which will start Dec. 31 of this year. The contract has a potential total value of $16 million, according to a Polaris press release.

Polaris will provide the U.S. Army with the already successful militarized ATV, the MV700, along with parts and accessories. The MV700 has assisted a variety of missions conducted in urban, rural, mountain and desert areas in Southwest Asia.

“Polaris is very proud to continue its role in providing the U.S. Army with world-class machines that can be relied on to perform under the toughest conditions,” said Tom Tiller, Polaris’ CEO, in the release. “The awarding of this TACOM contract and the continued relationship with the U.S. Army represents a major step for our overall business.”

The new TACOM contract fulfills part of a significant goal set by Polaris earlier this year, which aimed to produce growth in adjacent market segments outside of its usual consumer base.

Polaris Industries and the U.S. Military have been working together closely since 2002, and Polaris will continue to support the U.S. Army and its allies with high-performance, high-quality products for various military applications.

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