August 13, 2007 – PWC Report

Monterey Bay Plan Unveiled
It appears that the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has finalized its plans for the hotly debated situation at Monterey Bay in California.
In a recently completed report, the agency deals with the PWC access issue by noting the benefits of adopting a new definition for motorized personal watercraft (MPWC), one that would effectively close the current loophole that has allowed three-passenger craft access to the infamous Maverick’s surf break.
According to the report, the new definition, which would include virtually all PWC now and in the future, would reduce disturbances to marine mammals, birds, sea turtles and other flora and fauna.
“The proposed regulatory change would clarify the definition of MPWC to meet the original intent of the regulation when the sanctuary was designated in 1992,” read the report. If there is one, small piece of good news in the report, it’s that the aforementioned fifth potential access area will indeed be Mavericks, a limited nod to the tow-surfing community.
The catch? That fifth access area will only be available between Jan. 1– Feb. 28, and only in cases when NOAA’s National Weather Service has declared a high-surf warning for Half Moon Bay.
SBT Factory Tour Video
Dealers interested in learning more about Short Block Technologies’ remanufactured PWC engines can now download a 12-minute factory tour video clip off www.sbtontheweb.com.
Available in three versions, the 12-minute video details the company’s remanufacturing process, including pressure testing, cylinder head machining, seat and guide machining, line boring and the company’s CNC mills. psb

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