BRP unveils studded ATV track system

Snowmobilers have long relied on track studs for confidence in icy conditions. Now winter-time ATV riders can get the same with a studded version of BRP’s Apache Track System, the company said in a statement July 13.

There are 380 tiny studs imbedded in the track lugs: 114 studs on each rear track and 76 on each front one. They improve acceleration, braking and cornering on ice. The studs on all four tracks are installed for handling and control.

The Apache track system, for Can-Am Outlander ATVs, incorporates BRP’s nearly 50 years of experience making Ski-Doo snowmobiles. The system replaces each wheel with a specially-designed track for flotation and traction on snow.

The studded track system will be available for $3,359.99.

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