Piaggio arranges for free scooter parking in NYC

Piaggio Group Americas is sponsoring a limited free parking program for scooters at Edison ParkFast garages in New York City during the summer to raise awareness of the need for scooter parking across the country, the company said in a press release July 11.

The company launched the initiative to demonstrate the need for legal scooter parking on city streets to local government officials and to prompt private garage operators to expand and/or add scooter parking to their list of accepted vehicles.

Specially-marked parking spots in the four participating garages will accommodate 12 two-wheel scooters and will be branded with the Vespa logo. During the months of July and August, riders can park their scooters free of charge (when space is available and in accordance to program rules).

To promote the program, titled “Free Parking in NYC?” Piaggio Group Americas will send teams of Vespa branded ambassadors to high-traffic locations in New York City to distribute pocket brochures highlighting the free Edison ParkFast locations and other facts on how scootering can help to curb global warming now. They will also conduct an internal Web site and e-mail campaign, as well as seed blogs and scooter group message boards.

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