July 2, 2007 – Hot Products

Do-It-Yourself RSD Pro Street Header Kit
Specifications — This set of Pro Street pipes is custom assembled to fit right-side drive (RSD) custom builders’ specific projects. Each RSD machine presents its own fitment requirements making it nearly impossible to produce a system that will fit all RSD applications. Recognizing this, Bassani Pipes is now offering the RSD Pro Street Header Kit. All of the bending and collar installation has been done. The customer just needs to slip the pipes together at the joints, twist them to conform to the individual’s needs, tack the supplied bracket right for the project and weld or have them welded and finished.
Benefits — Do-it-yourself RSD Pro Street kits are complete with pipes, brackets and baffles.
Suggested retail price — $399
Contact — 866/439-4287; www.bassanipipes.com
Yamaha Rhino Shock Kits
Specifications — The new Yamaha Rhino 450 and 660 Shock Kits include the F8 model Rhino shock, which is a high-performance shock. The kits also include external adjustable spring pre-load and rebound damping controls, have multi-stage progressive valving, which minimizes body roll and increases wheel travel by up to 20 percent over stock.
Benefits — It has the “piggy back” style reservoir with high and low speed compression adjusters for added performance. The kits are fully tunable, rebuildable and feature a lifetime warranty.
Suggested retail price — Front shock set, $1,099.95; Rear shock set , $1,099.95
Contact — 800/325-3673; www.motorcyclestuff.com
LED Taillights
Specifications — Pro-One has a number of unique LED taillight assemblies for custom and stock machines. The Diamond, Show-bike and Oval tail lights feature the latest LED lighting technology. The Diamond measures 4 7/8 W x 2 H x 1 1/8 D, the Oval is 4 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 1 1/8 and the chrome billet Show-bike is 5 inches wide by 2 7/16 inches tall.
Benefits — All lights are finished in show quality chrome and incorporate a license plate light.
Suggested retail price — Starting at $62.95
Contact — 800/884-4173; www.pro-one.com
Hydraulic Lift
Specifications — The all-new No. 20703 Electric Hydraulic Lift is made in the United States. The lift has a lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds and offers both front and rear wheel dropout capability.
Benefits — It can be raised to a height of 48 inches and lowered to 7 1/4 inches for bike loading.
Suggested retail price — $1,895
Contact — 800/222-6199;
Oxygen Sensor Bungs
Specifications — Doherty Machine recently announced it is now manufacturing and making available to the public a line of oxygen sensor bungs and plugs for custom closed loop applications. Previously produced for select exhaust system manufacturers, the bungs allow custom builders to fabricate closed loop exhaust systems to meet 2007 regulations.
Benefits — Available in a variety of sizes to accept factory or aftermarket, oxygen sensor bungs can be purchased individually or in bulk quantities.
Suggested retail price — $12.95
Contact — 800/956-9409; www.dohertymachine.com psb

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