Motorcycle insurance to more than double in Quebec

Quebec’s automobile insurance agency, Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, has mandated that premiums for motorcycles with more than 400cc increase from $525.95 to $847.34 in 2009 and $1,173.33 in 2010. The increases were approved and published June 8.

There will be variable annual rates for vehicles of 125cc or less, from 125cc to 400cc and more than 400cc. The premiums will also vary according to the total points of inaptitude each driver accumulates, according to the class of the license. These premiums will vary from $32.56 to $379.97, according to officials.

Although motorcyclists throughout the province protested at the legislature before the raise was approved, since they have been published eliminates political ability to revert the change. However, SAAQ President John Harbour, during an interview with the Newspaper of Quebec, said he would seek to work with motorcyclist associations to create a formula for taxing that would also take into account the age of the motorcyclist, his or her experience and the type of machine he or she owns.

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