Suzuki adds models to its 2007 Boulevard cruiser motorcycle line

At its 2007 dealer meeting, Suzuki announced that it will produce three additional variants of its M109R performance V-twin, all of which will use the same engine and drivetrain.

The first of the new Boulevard models to arrive in Suzuki dealerships will be the M109RZ, a limited-edition version of the M109R distinguished by its paint scheme, which will feature a wide racing strip running lengthwise on the bodywork. This stripe also replaces the chrome insert on the headlight cowl.

Suzuki will make full announcements about the other two machines in June 2007, but showed prototypes at its dealer meeting in Las Vegas. The M109RN restyles the M109 without the headlight cowl, just a small chrome nacelle.

The most different of the forthcoming models will be the C109. This bike completely restyles the 109 along the lines of the C50 or C90 models, with classic American styling themes. It has a triangulated hardtail-style swingarm rear suspension and conventional fork legs with covers. Its styling is much more conventional than the M109s, without the streamlined bodywork that the M model favors. Its classic style brings floorboards, wide fenders, and little of the air-cheating bodywork (like the radiator chin fairing) of the M109.

It seems likely that Suzuki will follow up the basic C109 with a C109T model, which is a C109 fitted with a windshield and saddlebags. The company stated that it’s possible that as its flagship classic cruiser, the C109T might get hard saddlebags instead of the less practical leather bags fitted to other T-suffix Boulevard models.

Suzuki had no specifications, prices or photos of the new 109s.

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