June 4, 2007 – Aftermarket Digest

Forge-Tec Wheels Now Available for Victory
Forge-Tec Motorcycle, a manufacturer of high-end forged aluminum wheels and OEM supplier to many of the industry’s manufacturers, are now making wheel styles for the complete Victory motorcycle model lineup.
“We have fielded hundreds of calls from Victory owners and dealers alike asking if we made wheels for Victory motorcycles, which sparked our interest in this new program,” said Mark Finnie, general manager for Forge-Tec. “After much research and development, we have created a complete bolt-on wheel, rotor and pulley, which require no modifications. Just swap them out and you’re back on the road.”
Forge-Tec wheels are rotary forged, utilizing one of their proprietary forge presses using only “virgin” aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.
For further information, please contact Forge-Tec at 805/982-9820 or www.forgetecmotorcycle.com.
VP Racing’s Lab Moves into High Gear with U4.2
VP Racing Fuels Inc. announced the introduction of the latest generation of its U4-based fuels, U4.2.
Following on the heels of its U4.1 introduction, U4.2 is designed as a direct pour-in replacement for its original U4 racing fuel blend. “While U4 makes up to 6 percent more horsepower than pump gas, it necessitates draining the fuel system between uses due to potential residue build-up in the carburetor,” said Steve Burns, VP’s president and CEO. “U4.1 addressed the residue issue but requires substantial jetting changes to achieve optimum tuning. U4.2 combines the best attributes of both fuels by offering the same power, no residue and less odor, while requiring little to no jetting changes. The biggest jetting changes we’ve seen required for U4.2 are +2 main jets and +2 pilot jets.
“Like U4 and U4.1, U4.2 is designed for engines with 10:1 to 12:1 compression. But significantly, U4.2 has a much higher octane rating than either of its predecessors,” Burns continued. “For customers, this means even greater protection against detonation. In addition to motorcycles, this fuel will work great in Quick 16 drag racing at compression ratios up to 14.5:1.”
U4.2 is designed for all 4-stroke applications as well as stock 2-strokes. Although U4.2 is illegal for AMA Pro Racing because of its oxygen content, it’s still legal for AMA amateur, CCS, WERA, AFM and club level racing.
According to Burns, its power gains compare to VP’s best AMA Pro level race fuels for less than half the cost — a comparatively easy, inexpensive way to generate additional power.
SuperTrapp Keeps Up With EPA Emissions Regulations
SuperTrapp Industries’ tunable disc-based products are compatible with the new EPA emission certified engines.
The company’s exhaust systems’ tunability allows customers to meet the flow characteristics required to maintain emissions certification with the new engines. The systems also let users adjust the sound level to reach noise level compliance.
Specific SuperTrapp products that are applicable to the emissions certified engines are the company’s SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs, 2:1 Silent Series, 2:2 FatShots Series, Megaphone Series and Internal Disc Series. All these exhausts utilize SuperTrapp tunable disc technology, which lets users adjust flow and sound levels through adding or removing discs. Adding discs increases exhaust flow and sound. Removing discs reduces exhaust flow and sound. This tunable feature lets the builder configure the exhaust for his or her specific requirements.
Marshall Distributing, 50 Below Tout ‘Essential’ Product
Marshall Distributing, in partnership with 50 Below, has successfully launched a new online catalog program and is endorsing the program for its Ultra Dealers.
Chuck Herman, national sales manager for Marshall Distributing, calls the partnership with 50 Below essential.
“Marshall Distributing is proud to be working with 50 Below to provide our Ultra Dealers with an essential online presence,” he said. “Through our new dealer locator at marshalldealers.com, Ultra Dealers can now be found with a Marshall Distributing Web site full of the same merchandise found in our catalogs.”
The new program allows potential customers, through a 50 Below developed dealer locator on the Marshall Distributing Web site, www.MarshallDistributing.com, the quickest route to find the closest dealer that carries products from the Marshall Distributing catalog. That 50,000-plus parts catalog is now available online at each of the Ultra Dealers Web sites linked off the locator, marshalldealers.com.
“We will be providing 50 Below with our catalog data to keep our dealers’ Web sites current,” Herman added.
Marshall Distributing Ultra Dealers seeking more information about the Web site and online catalog program are encouraged to contact a 50 Below representative at 866/597-7822.
Parts’ Super Showcases Continue in July
The Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialities’ 2007 Super Showcases will continue in July with two events.
One will be held July 9 at Qwest Field in Seattle and the other July Super Showcase will be held three days later in Tustin, Calif., at Joe’s Garage, located on 36 Auto Center Drive in Tustin.
Other scheduled Showcases include Oct. 1 in Duluth, Ga., Oct. 3 in Tampa, Fla., Oct. 4 in Davie, Fla., and Thursday, Oct. 25 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Each showcase is packed with more than 40 vendors from various parts of the industry.
Dealers interested in attending upcoming events should contact either their Parts Unlimited or Drag Specialities’ rep for more information.
Panoptx Eyewear Expands Product Offering
Panoptx, a manufacturer of high-performance eyewear for motorcycle, marine and snow sport channels, is expanding its motorcycle product line to include a series of deerskin riding gloves.
Offered in three styles — Deluxe, Pro and Fingerless — the gloves are designed for the active rider looking for performance, comfort, quality and durability.
The Fingerless style (MSRP: $30) offers a lightweight design ideal for summer riding. The Pro (MSRP: $40) boasts full-fingers, boxed seams and elastic gathering at the wrist for a versatile fit. The Deluxe model (MSRP: $50) offers a longer wrist and Velcro closure to personalize the fit. All styles are available at either www.panoptx-.com or through a local area retailer.
“We have extended our performance heritage to a product category where there is substantial opportunity for growth, not only for Panoptx, but also for our retailers,” said Jackson Hogen, vice president of marketing, research and development for Panoptx. “SmartSkin gloves feature ‘smart’ performance materials that are comfortable and durable withstanding a wide variety of riding conditions.”
Panoptx chose deerskin because it dries softer than leather, especially on hot days. The gloves are constructed by splitting the deer hide, resulting in a thinner glove and a more flexible feel. While most gloves are cut symmetrically to lie flat, SmartSkin gloves are pre-curved and the fingers are “box” sewn into four separate sides to provide a grip-like shape that prevents wrinkling under the palm. Lastly, the gloves are drum dyed, preventing the black dye from running in wet conditions.
Established in 1997, Panoptx are sold through sunglass stores, ski and sport shops and authorized Harley-Davidson dealers. For more information, please visit the Panoptx Web site at www.panoptx.com.
V-twin Distributor Begins Selling Coil Covers
MC Advantages, a distributor of high-performance V-Twin parts, is now offering P.B. Choppers’ line of premier coil covers with motor mounts. These show chrome or black nickel-plated covers fit any S&S or H-D Evolution engine. The flat teardrop coil cover includes an automotive-style ignition switch and receives a 2 1/16-inch Speedo Gauge like the Dakota Digital 3015, which is sold separately. The cast teardrop cover, which closely matches the popular S&S teardrop air cleaner, is pre-drilled for stock H-D ignition switches.
These precision cast or fabricated covers will fit Spyke and Dynatek Single- or Dual-Fire Coils, excluding the diamond covers that will not receive Spyke Single-Fire coils due to reduced space.
MC Advantages, located in Grimes, Iowa, is serving dealers in the U.S. and abroad. MC Advantages distributes many brands, including S&S Cycle, Martin Bros., Spyke, Stampede, Prowler, Bulletprüf, D&M Custom Cycle, Jims, Dynatek, Dakota Digital, Wire Plus, Hooker and more.
S&S Offers Quick Set Up Kits For Late-Model V-Twins
S&S Cycle is offering a Quick Set Up Kit to boost the performance of carbureted or fuel-injected 2003 to 2007 stock bikes.
The LaCrosse, Wis., company said by combining the performance gains of an S&S air intake and the new S&S slip-on mufflers (slash and tapered available), consumers can bolt about 10-12 horsepower onto a bike in an hour or so.
New for this year, consumers can choose between the S&S Teardrop — the industry’s most recognized performance icon — and the all-new S&S Single Bore Tuned Induction system. Either system will increase the airflow over stock.
The Single Bore Tuned Induction is available in three finishes — chrome, black and natural — and the filters come in red or blue.
The kit includes jets for the stock CV carb and S&S does recommend you verify the fuel calibration on injected motorcycles.
For more information, contact www.sscycle.com or S&S at 608/627-1497.
Metzeler’s Custom Bike Contest Set for Sturgis
Get ready to get noticed: Metzeler’s Custom Bike Contest is returning to Sturgis for a fifth consecutive year, offering opportunities for amateurs seeking exposure.
Being held Aug. 7, at Thunder Road, which is located 3 miles east of downtown Sturgis, this year’s contest boasts awards across several categories.
Spearheaded by spokesman Eddie Trotta, the Metzeler Custom Bike Contest has quickly become a Sturgis institution, drawing an ever-increasing array of Metzeler-equipped, custom V-twin creations. Both amateur and professional builders are invited to compete in a variety of judging classes, including Consumer Class (Stages 1 and 2), Stage 3, Custom Builder/Custom Chopper and Bobber/Old School. The popular People’s Choice Award will once again be bestowed upon one lucky winner, and numerous special guests will be on hand to display their own creations, sign autographs and participate in the judging, including Orange County Choppers, Indian Larry Legacies, Von Dutch Kustomwerks and many more.
To find more information go to www.us.metzelermoto.com. psb

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