Diamo offers a new roadside assistance program

Diamo announced two new service initiatives: a roadside assistance program and a two-year extended warranty on all new on-road products with the purchase of a new Diamo scooter or Diamo on-road motorcycle.

The roadside assistance program covers jump-starting a dead battery, fuel delivery, winching, tire inflation and mechanical failures. In addition, the roadside assistance program is a service that is tied to the vehicle, not an individual. This means that anyone who is riding the vehicle will be able to draw upon the roadside assistance program. When assistance is needed, a rider can call a toll-free number, and their vehicle will be towed to the nearest authorized Diamo repair facility free of charge.

Diamo also has increased its warranty coverage period for on-road scooters and motorcycles from one to two years. This warranty comes free with the purchase of the vehicle and is not an additional expense to the owner. The warranty covers the entire scooter and motorcycle except items, which are replaced under normal wear, such as tires and air filters. In addition, Diamo covers the labor charges for items under warranty so the customer does not have to worry about any additional expense.

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