Victory launches Online Vision pre-order program

Due to strong demand from consumers interested in reserving Victory’s new Vision motorcycle, the company recently launched an online program that allows consumers to pre-order a bike from their home computer.

Mark Blackwell, vice president of Victory, says since the bike’s initial launch in New York, the company has received about 250,000 visits to its Web site, with 16,500 expressing interest in the Vision. Of those, 3,500 have requested to reserve a Vision, so Victory decided to create its online program.

“Basically, consumers can go there and pick their model (street or tour), they pick their color and then they get their initial pricing specs,” he said. “While on the site, customers will get to choose from a list of dealers in their area, and then the dealer they’d like to work with. From there they go down to the dealer, who will pick up the information, confirm the customer’s request and then take a deposit.”

Although Victory already has a custom order program for the rest of its line of motorcycles, Blackwell says this program is unique because it gives consumers a chance to pre-order a bike that’s in hot demand.

“This new online program gives customers a chance to get in line, so to speak, to make sure they’re one of the first people to get a bike,” he said. “And because we don’t launch until the fall, it also gives us a way to keep a dialogue with the customer and alert them to any updates on the bike, and when we come to their area they’ll be the first to have a chance to demo it.”

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