SuperTrapp keeps up with EPA emissions regulations

SuperTrapp Industries’ tunable disc-based products are compatible with the new EPA emission certified engines.

They company’s exhaust systems’ tunability allows customers to meet the flow characteristics required to maintain emissions certification with the new engines. The systems also let users adjust the sound level to reach noise level compliance.

Specific SuperTrapp products that are applicable to the emissions certified engines are the company’s SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs, 2:1 Silent Series, 2:2 FatShots Series, Megaphone Series and Internal Disc Series. All of these exhausts utilize SuperTrapp tunable disc technology, which lets users adjust flow and sound levels through adding or removing discs. Adding discs increases exhaust flow and sound. Removing discs reduces exhaust flow and sound. This tunable feature lets the builder configure the exhaust for his or her specific requirements.

SuperTrapp aims to help small custom bike builders maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of the EPA’s letter of guidance.

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