U.S. snowmobile annual sales down 13 percent

U.S. snowmobile sales suffered another down year, according to the annual statistics compiled by the International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA).

U.S. sales decreased this selling season by nearly 13 percent, from 91,670 units to 79,815, according to the ISMA data, which is tabulated from April to March.

U.S. sales numbers have been on a steady decline. Since 2003, sales have dropped by 35,112 units.

Worldwide, sales decreased to 160,318 units, which is down 3 percent from last year.

Canadian unit sales, however, increased this year, up 6 percent to 45,477 units compared to 42,953 last season. Sales are still not to the 2005 level of 46,304, however.

Europe, which includes Scandinavia and Russia, was also up. This season, 35,026 units were sold in this region, compared to 30,237 units in 2006. Sales in Russia alone were up 15 percent in 2007, and 14 percent in 2006.

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