April 23, 2007 – Snow Hawk unveils ’08 changes

The 2008 Snow Hawk lineup is a juxtaposition in expansion and contraction.
The Levis, Quebec-based maker AD Boivin will offer five Snow Hawks this year, including a dedicated mountain machine. At the same time, it’s concentrating sales efforts within key markets, specifically in Quebec and Washington state.
This winter, the company started a division called Snow Hawk Adventure that offers rental machines and guided tours in the Quebec City area. Another branch, Snow Hawk Adventure Northwest, is based in Seattle, with rentals, tours, sales and service for long-track machines.
The 2008 Program
AD Boivin is offering its Snow Hawk spring program though April 31, which includes a $350 discount and a choice of specialty accessories.
The offer comes on an expanded Snow Hawk lineup. For model year 2008, AD Boivin will have two short-track trail machines, a dedicated mountain sled and two junior models. Last year, the company had one full-sized model with an optional long track and two junior machines.
The full-sized 2008 models use the same engine as in 2007 — the Rotax 800 H.O., with about 140 hp. The three machines derive their names from the engine:?they are called the 800 H.O. Enduro, the 800 H.O. Trail and the 800 H.O. Mountain.
Each of these machines use the Holtzman Engineering-made Automatic Temperature and Altitude Carburetor Compensator (ATACC) system. They use V-Force reed-valves, as well. Fuel tanks were increased to 12 gallons, Powermadd handguards are standard and graphics are a mixture of black, blue, white and silver. The machines also share the same brake, ski and front fork.
For other features, the machines vary per each application.
While the Snow Hawk has always had a longtrack option, this is the first year it’s made a model dedicated to deep snow. It will sell for $12,749. Mountain-specific features include gearing at 28 by 56, the AD Boivin Expert Xtreme rear suspension with KYB rebuildable gas shocks and a Camoplast Challenger Extreme tracks with 2.3-inch straight lugs. Track lengths come in 144-, 151- and 159-inch options. The seat is at 31 inches off the ground, and adjustable foot pegs make for a more aggressive climbing stance.
The Trail model has the most extra features:?heated grips, an air deflector, a speedometer and a mirror near the left knee. As indicated by the name — and the extras — it’s meant for general performance trail riding. The gearing on the machine is 32 by 56. The seat height is at 30 inches, one inch lower than the other two models for better trail handling. It weighs 416 pounds and sells for $12,749.
The Trail model shares a rear suspension with the Enduro version. They feature the AD Boivin-designed Expert Xtreme ADB with 16 inches of travel. It features two two-stage KYB shocks, valved for smooth trail performance but with better performance on hard landings. The 136-inch track is custom designed by Camoplast, and uses a 2.25-inch rounded lug.
The Enduro model, though, is made with on- and off-trail use in mind. The seat height is at 31 inches, it weighs 410 pounds and the gearing is set at 30 by 56. It’s the lowest-cost full-sized Snow Hawk at $12,249. psb

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