April 23, 2007 – Product Showcase

V-SEPT 2.0, Dealership Reporting Service
V-SEPT has announced its next generation Sales and Lead Management Products, the V-SEPT 2.0. This product introduces an easy-to-use graphical interface for salespeople to quickly and easily capture customer information for automated follow-up. The system is Internet Web-based so salespeople and managers can use any Internet device (PC, PDA, Smart Phone, laptop or kiosk) to access vehicle specs, customer information, print brochures, print worksheets, credit applications and more. V-SEPT also automatically generates thank you letters, cards, coupons, service reminders and event postcards.
The company also has announced the first Dealership Reporting Service that allows owners of multiple-site dealerships to do the following: view real-time sales leads entered at each dealership; closed deals; sold deals; past due customer follow-ups and total follow-ups done per dealership; along with door swings. The manager can then drill down into each dealership and view the traffic logs by salesperson along with product interest. V-SEPT’s Dealer Reporting Service provides a reporting feature giving the management the ability to see sales activity per dealership, marketing reports detailing where customers are coming from and what advertising campaigns people are responding to. In addition, managers can also see real-time traffic logs and product interest per dealership and more.
ADP LightspeedNXT Version 3.7.7
ADP has announced the newest version of its dealer management system, which is the largest release in the product history. LightspeedNXT version 3.7.7 highlights include critical functionality for multi-store environments and several important integrations. New features include Bar Code Purchase Order Receiving, which will allow users to receive parts using a bar code gun, and the system will use a hierarchical search to receive a part to the oldest special order first, then work up through standard stocking orders. The product also has a PowerSports Network (PSN) Web integration, allowing users to download shopping cart orders from their e-commerce Web site. The integration will eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically interfacing with LightspeedNXT invoicing, inventory and accounting procedures. Other features include: Powersports Standard Protocol enabled; multistore capabilities, which allows dealers in multi-store environments to view parts inventory and major units in another store, and easily transfer those parts or major units as needed; and ADP Payroll Integration.
Ideal Computer Systems
Ideal is a tool that includes hundreds of features that will help you maximize efficiency in all areas of your business and is backed by more than 21 years of training, support and consulting. For more information, contact Ideal or visit its Web site for a free information kit.
Dealership University “Quick Takes”
Dealership University’s “Quick Takes” is a collection of online instructional videos designed for today’s fast-paced dealership environments. Each video takes less than 5 minutes to watch and includes a quiz to aid in learner retention.? “Quick Takes” videos are available online 24/7 and are perfect for department meetings or lunch breaks.
CycleTrader.com Mobile Lead Alert
CycleTrader.com has developed a mobile lead alert tool that will send leads directly to your cell phone. Following up with a customer entails three steps:

  • Potential buyers see your ad on CycleTrader.com and click the icon to “Contact Me Now.”
  • Your cell phone will then indicate that you have a text message from a hot prospect.
  • Then you can hit the “Call” button to call the buyer and hopefully close the sale.
    The mobile lead alert is currently available free of charge during the Beta stage for current CycleTrader.com dealers.
    CycleTrader.com is part of the Dominion Enterprises network, a network of Web sites serving buyers and sellers in the new and used vehicle marketplace. Categories include collector and specialty vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs and more.
    Channel Blade Technologies
    Channel Blade Technologies provides Web solutions to the marine, RV and powersports industries. The company’s development of eXceleratePro, Branded Flow Technology and the Footsteps Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool has changed the way the recreation industry does Web-enabled business by driving customers from online leads to the dealers showroom.
    50 Below Online Solution
    50 Below’s Online Solution provides industry leaders and their dealers with dealer locators, branded Web sites for dealers, virtual catalogs, online stores with innovative shopping cart and check-out, vehicle showrooms with side-by-side product comparisons, personalized marketing promotions and structured one-on-one dealer services. 50 Below focuses on Web site ROI by creating a relationship between a dealer’s physical store and their online presence.
    Softek software international
    The Business Assistant 9.0 was the first business system to link directly to Web stores so that duplicate data entry is not necessary. With an optional link to sites provided by PowerSports Network or others, you never need to log into your site to retrieve your orders. The system will pull them and populate Softek’s invoice for you with one click of a button. The system also has a direct interface to process credit cards electronically and an interface to UPS Worldship and Fedex Ship Manager.
    Snap-on PartsManager Pro
    Snap-On Inc. recently purchased ProQuest Business Solutions. The new company, Snap-on Business Solutions, has developed an accessories catalog on PartsManager Pro. The PartsManager Pro application is the next-generation parts and accessories solution and will eventually replace Snap-on’s FicheFinder parts product. Dealers will be able to look up both accessories and parts from the same platform, allowing them to increase sales and productivity. In addition, dealers can create shopping carts and purchase orders, create and print quotes, and submit orders through their dealer management or business system. Accessories lines now available include Fox Racing, Helmet House, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Tucker Rocky and Yamaha.
    Customer Service Intelligence
    Customer Service Intelligence (CSI) conducts telephone interviews after service, sales delivery and prospect transactions to provide dealers the information necessary to remain competitive. This customer feedback enables CSI clients to meet customers’ expectations. psb

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