April 2, 2007 – Hot Products

Brody Leather Jacket
Specifications — Harley-Davidson MotorClothes’ midweight leather jacket includes underarm venting that cools things off, body armor pockets, zippered cuffs, hand-warmer pockets and a poly-mesh lining. An action back and pre-curved sleeves help provide greater mobility and extra comfort.
Benefits — The jacket features an inside pocket for an MP3 player.
MSRP —$375-$415
Contact — Harley-Davidson, 414/342-4680
Montana Mirrors
Specifications — The oval mirror head measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" and there are three stem styles to choose from: Stealth (5"), Flame (6") and Radius (3 1/2" and 4 1/2" included). The mirrors come with chrome-plated mounting hardware and are sold as a pair.
Benefits — The mirrors give riders a big-sky view. Each mirror is die-cast, then polished and chrome-plated for a shining custom look.
MSRP —$74.95
Contact — Drag Specialties, www.dragspecialties.com
Bed X-Tender
Specifications — This device turns a short truck bed into a long bed by adding 18" with the tailgate open. Made of lightweight, high-strength 1.5" diameter aluminum, it’s available in both aluminum and black powder coat finish.
Benefits — If you are hauling a motorcycle and the fender of your bike prevents full rotation, a pair of spring-loaded latches allow you to remove or install at any angle. The BED X-TENDER is available for virtually any pickup model.
MSRP — Not available
Contact — AMP Research, 888/983-2206 or visit www.amp-research.com
V-Stream Windshield
Specifications — Starting in April, National Cycle will begin offering windshields for the Yamaha FZ-1; the company says will provide increased levels of wind protection while reducing the buffeting caused by the stock windshield.
Benefits — National Cycle says the V-Stream is 5.75" taller than the stock shield and 6" wider, with an exclusive “V” shape. The windshield also has increased scratch resistance.
MSRP —$149.95
Contact — National Cycle, www.nationalcycle.com
High Torque Starters
Specifications — Motor Factory says its starter has 25 percent more torque and RPM than the OEM 1.2kw starters while operating with a stock specification or H-D OEM battery. The starters are available in three finishes:?raw, black and chrome.
Benefits — Every Motor Factory comes with a lifetime warranty.
MSRP — Not available
Contact — Custom Chrome, 408/825-5000, www.customchrome.com
Supermotard Off-Road Boot
Specifications — This Oxtar boot features water-resistant leather and a number of protection features, including a steel toe, shank and ankle protection and a suede heat guard.
Benefits — The boot features Oxtar’s exclusive replaceable sole system. Sizes range from 7.5-14, including 10.5.
MSRP — $319.99
Contact — Helmet House, 800/421-7247; www.helmethouse.com
360 Brake
Specifications — This brake is contained in a 5" hub spacer around the axle. The circular piston and pads are activated by hydraulic pressure, all of which revolve 360 degrees around the axle.
Benefits — The brake’s developers say that instead of 80 percent of the braking power being transferred to the front wheel, the 360 Brake runs between 60/40 to 50/50 percent effectiveness between the front and the rear wheel.
MSRP — $998
Contact — Baldwin-Wilson Development Corp., www.360brake.com

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