Japan’s production declined in July – September 25, 2006

Japan’s four main motorcycle manufacturers produced 131,714 units in July, down 4,636 units or 3.4 percent compared to the production of 136,350 units in July 2005.
According to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), Honda produced 46,804 units in July, down from 50,163 units in July 2005; Kawasaki produced 16,202 units, up slightly from 16,116 units; Suzuki produced 39,894 units, up from 38,280 units; and Yamaha produced 28,779 units, a drop from 31,762 units.
The four manufacturers produced 1,009,883 units for the first seven months of the year ended July 31, just shy of the 1,014,504 units produced during the same seven-month period in 2005.
Honda produced 317,961 units during the most recent seven-month period, down from 340,105 units during the first seven months of last year; Kawasaki produced 136,367 units, up from 120,874 units; Suzuki produced 301,571 units, up from 276,878 units; and Yamaha produced 253,673 units, down from 276,384 units.
Together, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha exported 99,034 units worldwide in July, up 10,582 units or 12 percent compared to the export of 88,452 units in July 2005. Exports to the United States during the month totaled 48,182 units.
According to JAMA, Honda exported 30,909 units in July, up from 28,663 units in July 2005; Kawasaki exported 13,237 units, up from 12,450 units; Suzuki exported 30,383 units, up from 20,841 units; and Yamaha exported 24,505 units, down from 26,498 units.
Exports for the seven months ended July 31 totaled 761,375 units, up from 748,216 units exported during the same seven months of 2005. Exports to the U.S. during the seven-month period totaled 323,227 units.
JAMA figures show Honda exported 188,210 units during the recent seven-month period, down from 208,714 units during the same seven months in 2005; Kawasaki exported 124,600 units, up from 111,927 units; Suzuki exported 230,015 units, up from 188,602 units; and Yamaha exported 218,550 units, down from 238,973 units.

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